Who We Are:
HF High School is a Suburban Chicago High School with a rich economic teaching history. Our school has long understood the importance of teaching economics to students as an essential part of building future leaders and informed citizens. This, along with one of our school's early board members (Beryl Sprinkel) is the reason that HF has a one year economics graduation requirement.

E-mail addresses:
Nick Anello- Tech guru and AP/IB Economics Teacher- nanello@hf233.org
Dave Kush- Former AP Economics Teacher and current Department Chair for Assessment- dkush@hf233.org
Carl Coates- Social Science Department Chair and IB Economics Teacher- ccoates@hf233.org

Our main component for student use is the webpage listed below. We have created an entire year’s curriculum designed to include all AP level topics in both Micro and Macro. However, topics are covered in a way that teachers can very easily select what web pages to select for use by teachers of all levels of economics.


We also have created two sets of standards for teaching Economics. The first one is for the AP level curriculum and includes both Micro and Macro concepts. The second set of standards is for our Academic Level Economics (full year course includes Micro, Macro, and Consumer). This is for our general education students. Feel free to modify these versions to fit your own needs.

Presentations at Conferences such as NCSS, CEE, and others:

Presentation 2016 CEE- Phoenix, AZ

Presentation for FETC 2016

Presentation information for NCSS 2015- AP Economics, Going Beyond Classroom Instruction AND Simulations in Economics
Presentation from CEE National Conference- Date: October 10, 2014

Presentation from Chicago Federal Reserve Bank- Date: March 14, 2014


What We Do:
Economics is known as the Dismal Science and is often considered even a fringe social science. However, we are professional teachers first and apply best strategies to our “Dismal Science” and it has improved student learning and engagement. Below is a list of strategies (best practices) that we implement in our classes. Each strategy is linked to a webpage with more information on the topic.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions, suggestions, or just need some help.
Nick Anello ; Dave Kush ; Carl Coates