Description of Strategy:
Using "Practice Tests" to gain knowledge about how students are performing. These results should also be shared with students so they can assess their own level of understanding. These results can also be shared with parents if you use the Mastery Manager test platform.

How to Implement:
Design and give practice tests over a particular topic. Collect the data from the tests (standards based results or simple item analysis). Then share the data with students so that they know what they missed. If using item analysis, go over questions most often missed by your group of students.

It is easy to use tests and quizzes created by your textbook companies. They often will at least give you some information with the least amount of work designing tests so you can focus your energy on the feedback part.

Step 1: Design/Select Test
Step 2: Give Test and Grade
Step 3: Analyze Data and find patterns of strengths and weaknesses
Step 4: Give students information and adjust teaching as necessary

By practicing for the real test, students gain knowledge into how to answer multiple choice questions (if that is the format of the test). This often helps students work through answers. With the feedback generated by practice tests, students should be able to score higher on tests as they will try to fill in the gaps in their knowledge.